You Can Have A Picnic In The Buckingham Palace Garden This Summer

As lockdown is slowly easing, London is seeing more outdoor dining areas than ever before. This royal opportunity, however, is unlike any other: For the first time ever, Buckingham Palace is opening its garden to the public, allowing visitors to wander around and have a picnic on the grounds.

In what is described as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”, you can bring food, blankets and lawn chairs for a daytime picnic with views of the Palace. You’ll also be able to take a private walk around the garden, which is usually closed to the public and only accessible via guided tours. From July 9 until September 19, you can roam the grounds and discover the Herbaceous Border, Horse Chestnut Avenue, the Plane trees planted by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and the lake with its island that is home to the Buckingham Palace bees, to name a few highlights.

Before you get too excited, though, there are some rules to ensure the grounds stay in order. While picnics are allowed (you can bring your own food or buy refreshments there), barbecues, ball games and alcohol are strictly forbidden. We’ll take it!

Grab your ticket for a visit between July 9 and September 19 here, and check out Buckingham Palace’s other tours resuming in April and May.

Article Source: Secret London