Top 6 Luxury Private Islands Around the Globe

Many people’s idea of a great holiday involves going to a place with minimal people, little noise, and some privacy; those people look for the most serene, scenic destinations and resorts to relax. And regarding tranquility, beauty, and luxury, nothing impresses quite like private islands.
Islands that are open to the public are regular holiday destinations for many travelers, so unless you don’t mind sharing the experience with dozens of tourists, you should be looking for reservations at luxury private islands. Remote destinations like Nakanoshima have great views, are open to a few rich Japanese women and men, and prioritize their guests’ luxury. These islands have the best facilities, and if you can afford them, they will guarantee you the most memorable weekend of your life.

Villa North Island, Seychelles
COMO Cocoa Island, Maldives
Çiftlik Island, Turkey
Hayman Island, Great Barrier Reef
Calala Island, Nicaragua
Laucala Island, Fiji

Now that you know the top private islands worldwide, where do you plan to have your next vacation? Based on reviews, these islands spare no expense to give you the most luxurious experience money can buy. Of course, these islands are pricey, but for the exclusivity and luxury that they provide, you will get value for your money. So feel free to explore any of them on your next holiday trip and rest assured of enjoying the best services.

Article Source: Lux Expose