This Hi-Tech, Multi-Sensory Bingo Experience Guarantees A Full House

Hoping to get the one up on existing social bingo concepts such as Bongo’s Bingo and Rebel Bingo, Hijingo is the UK’s first permanent, immersive bingo experience to combine music, lights and sound. The venue boasts Blade Runner vibes, transporting you to a “futuristic nightlife utopia” – and the accompanying show has been produced by world-class talent who have created stage shows for global superstars like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.


Home to an immersive 360° sound system, LED technology and spectacular lighting, Hijingo have pulled out all the stops for this temple of bingo. They want you on the edge of your seat throughout the game, fully immersed in proceedings as you eagerly await the next call – resulting in the emotional intensity of a West End show, the energy and tension of a game show, and the production value of an incredible rock concert. But what else would you expect from the team who’ve also delivered ace competitive entertainment venues Puttshack and Bounce?

Video and motion graphics will bring the game to life around you, and with each game offering a new opportunity for you to win some truly epic prizes, there’s plenty on the line here. Between calls, you can tuck into a menu of Asian dishes and killer cocktails; the Pandan Pop and Gin-Tendo 75 have very quickly caught our eye.

Article Source: Secret London