The UK’s Longest And Fastest Zip Line Is Set To Open Near London This Spring

2020 definitely had more plot twists than a Christopher Nolan movie but for those seeking even more of a thrill, we know just the thing! You’ll be delighted to hear that an unprecedentedly long zip line is set to open near London this May, and it may be the closest we’ll ever get to flying in our lifetime. You see, 2021 is already off to a great start! [Featured image: Hangloose Bluewater]

Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent is where you’ll find the new Hangloose Adventure zip wire, and it will be the longest and fastest of its kind in the UK, with punters invited to soar down the 725-metre long zipline. Opening in May 2021, it will allow those who are brave enough to soar through the sky head first! And you’ll definitely have your head in the clouds for quite some time, zooming over 50 acres of beautiful Kentish parkland. I honestly can’t work out if this is absolutely terrifying or the best idea ever. Only one way to find out…

Thankfully, this exhilarating experience has already been tried and tested. A Hangloose Adventure zip line is currently up and running at Cornwall‘s Eden Project, and people flock there every year for the mind-blowing adventure. The new zipline will even bigger and better than the original, so if you have a fear of heights, maybe sit this one out…AdvertisementAdvertisementabout:blank

The zip line will be the first of several adrenaline-fuelled attractions erected at Bluewater Shopping Centre over the next three years. We also have a giant slide, 360-degree swings, an outdoor sky diving machine, and Europe’s largest outdoor climbing wall to look forward to.

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Article Source: Secret London