The Best Place To Live In London In 2021 Has Been Revealed

It’s the question that we never ask, simply because we try to love all of London, and would never divide you by declaring one area top of the pile. The Sunday Times has no such qualms, however, as they’ve just compiled their annual list of the best place to live in London. And adding further fuel to that whole “west is best” theory is this year’s champion, the leafy Richmond suburb of Teddington.

Hands up if you saw that one coming? There’s been a fair amount of jumping around town on this list for the past few years, with Peckham (2017), Bermondsey (2018), the Isle of Dogs (2019), and Victoria Park (2020) some of the more recent winners. Teddington was praised for the number of dogs (an important metric), quality of shopping, and proximity to Bushy Park – and being located in London’s six-time happiest borough probably didn’t hurt either.

The Sunday Times list has, in the past, seemed a little detached from reality – at least, if you don’t pull in a six/seven-figure salary – with places like Chelsea and Belgravia known to crack the top three. (I’m still cackling at their infamous assessment of Bermondsey residents as  “typically young, affluent and often [residing] in photogenic lofts in converted warehouses”, to be honest.) Do I suspect that there are large swathes of Sunday Times readers in Teddington? Of course, but in a year where the list has focused away from “commerce and culture” and towards “working from home in London’s leafy suburbs”, this year’s list is a pretty decent roundup.

Of the five other highly-commended spots, only one (Primrose Hill) is reputationally outside the realms of affordability for most Londoners – and let’s be honest, most of us would live there if we could! Muswell Hill scored highly for the schools and high street, Nunhead’s independent shops and green spaces helped it soar up the list, Winchmore Hill was billed as “friendly and old-fashioned in the nicest possible way”, and Walthamstow is an obvious but still very valid choice when putting together a list like this.

Given that the list changes almost entirely from one year to the next, I wouldn’t worry too much about upping and moving to Teddington too soon (lovely as it is!), because there will no doubt be a new champion in 2022. Any suggestions on where that might be?

Article Source: Secret London