Reasons To Hire A Bodyguard: Why High-Net Individuals Are Turning To Personal Protection To Keep Them And Their Families Safe

Hiring a bodyguard is nothing unusual in the celebrity world, with world-famous, high-net-worth individuals regularly seen flanked by security personnel in order to keep them safe and free from worry of any impending, yet undetectable, danger. But now, more than ever, wealthy and affluent individuals without the celebrity status are increasingly turning towards such services too, often feeling that their money makes them an easy target for criminals.

Europe’s western capital cities were once considered some of the safest in the world, affording the 1 per cent of the world’s highest earners a quiet confidence when it came to strolling the streets – whether doing some shopping, heading for a night out, or simply visiting a friend. But today, the same walk in some of most affluent neighbourhoods – even the likes of London’s upmarket Mayfair or the Champs-Elysees, in Paris – can prove to be a different experience entirely, striking fear into the hearts of those who want nothing more than to simply go about their day.

In an increasingly polarised world, personal protection is no longer optional for high worth individuals

Fidel Matola, president and CEO of Spetsnaz Security International, says that even in elite locations such as Monaco, where royalty, Formula One drivers and business tycoons reside harmoniously together, the trend for hiring a personal bodyguard is stronger than ever – and is one of the reasons the company provides its services there. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the high life, there hides a subtle, yet distinctive, risk on the periphery, and with death threats, muggings and even kidnappings no longer uncommon, it pays to invest in a quality security service now more than ever before.

Having said this, even some celebrities seem to remain oblivious to the risks, and are often seen embarking upon solo outings in London, even in the dead of night. It might be a refreshing sight, but often, the real extent of any possible danger lurks unseen – and such pursuits might equally be seen as foolish when there is quite so much at stake.

Article Source: Luxury Lifestyle Magazine