Maserati x CANOTWAIT_ Present Ghibli Hybrid Love Audacious

Maserati joined forces with the Chinese streetwear fashion brand CANOTWAIT_ to design the new Ghibli Hybrid Love Audacious. Founded by William Chan, the fashion brand is inspired by modern art and street culture. The actor, singer, and trendsetter is an active art collector and a big believer in the power of love.

This special Ghibli Hybrid epitomizes the ability of Maserati Fuoriserie program that can personalize a car tailor-made to the client’s unique personality. The program aims to be the blank sheet of paper on which customers can write their own stories, the means of setting free their creativity, and Ghibli Hybrid Love Audacious is an evident example.

The car was announced on May 20th (520). 520 is a set of Chinese love numbers, which hold the hidden meaning of “I love you”, and on this day it is custom to celebrate love. Ghibli Hybrid Love Audacious features a new special exterior coat color: Digital Aurora. Born from the common concept of CANOTWAIT_ and MASERATI, and their desire to love audacious, it is a blend of burned decisive purple with calming and relaxing bluish hints. The tree-layers coating includes an experimental pink glass flakes pigment that creates a digital effect riding the current Phigital trend.

Maserati x CANOTWAIT_ Present Ghibli Hybrid Love Audacious
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Ghibli Hybrid Love Audacious is fitted with Teseo 20″ Wheels in Dark Miron, which are also available in the Maserati Fuoriserie catalog. Finally, the unique car wears two customized badges from CANOTWAIT_, one on the exterior side of the car, just above the symbolic Maserati air vents, and the other internally.

Maserati x CANOTWAIT_ Present Ghibli Hybrid Love Audacious

To celebrate the announcement, Maserati launched a pop-up store in Shanghai on May 20th (520), where young customers and streetwear fashion influencers can experience the journey of this new car, starting from its conception and inspiration to its final production. Sales of the new car start with a limited number of 8 units in May (for the Chinese market only).

Article Source: Lux Expose