London’s Epic Street Food Pergola Is Perfect For Sunlit Evenings This Summer

There’s a lot more to Paddington than train stations and floating parks, you know. And chief amongst your reasons to go west this summer is the relaunch of Pergola Paddington, the ravishing rooftop bar and street food hub that’s just made for summer afternoons.

Taking a cue from the picturesque Mediterranean coast, Pergola Paddington is elegantly draped in foliage and (hopefully) drenched in sun. With space for 850 summer-starved Londoners – although presumably they’ll not see quite that number in the age of social distancing – the fully alfresco upper deck is a bustling place, thrumming to the sounds of cocktail bars and street food vendors hard at work. (Don’t worry, some parts of it are under shelter to tame that unpredictable beast known as ‘British weather’.)

As you can expect, Pergola Paddington will be opening with plenty of precautions in place as the lockdown reaches its (hopefully) final stages. There’s plenty of room for social distancing to be observed, they’ll put in a one-way system to avoid households mixing, and all food and drink orders will be done via an app.

Speaking of which, Pergola Paddington will have the foodies to keep you nicely fed this summer. The winter 2020 lineup was Filth & Co’s brilliant burgers, Thunderbird and their epic fried chucks, and Salt Shed on the barbecue, and we’re expecting similarly enticing options for the summer version.

Article Source: Secret London