Kew Gardens Is Now Officially Home To The Largest Living Plant Collection On Planet Earth

Last month, we told you that Kew Garden’s was, in fact, the people of Britain’s (yes, not just London’s) favourite garden in the whole country to visit over summer.

And, it seems they can’t help but sweep up even more accolades, this time from the folks at Guinness World Records, no less! Yes, Kew Gardens has just been recognised for boasting the “largest collection of living plants at a single-site botanic garden” in the world. Everybody bow down.

With a mind-melting 16,900 species of plants at their famed 320-acre site, Kew Gardens will have a mention in the Guinness 2022 Record book, for the impressive collection at the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Richard Barley, Director of Horticulture and Learning at RBG Kew, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to hold the record for the largest living plant collection. It is a fantastic accolade, and a credit to the tireless work of our horticulturists and scientists.
“It also re-enforces the importance of botanic gardens around the world, as not only beautiful places to enjoy, but as essential hubs of inspiration and education, increasing awareness of the vital importance of plants to the health of our planet.”

Article Source: Secret London