Introducing the SPOFEC Incarnation of the New Rolls-Royce Ghost

The designers and technicians of SPOFEC refined the new Ghost – the sportiest Rolls-Royce sedan ever – with even sportier features including carbon bodywork components, the forged wheels with a diameter of 22 inches developed together with US rim manufacturer Vossen and the suspension module that lowers the ride height of the car by about 40 millimeters. The NOVITEC GROUP company has also developed a customization range for the luxury four-door car.

The company’s engine specialists adapt a plug-and-play N-TRONIC module to the electronic engine control unit of the 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 engine. Such solution offers new mapping for injection and ignition, which SPOFEC programmed in a complex series of tests. As a result, the output of the twelve-cylinder jumps to 504 kW / 685 hp at a low 5,400 rpm. At the same time, peak torque grows to 958 Nm. These enhancements allow the luxury sedan sprint from rest to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. Due to the high vehicle weight, the electronic speed limitation to 250 km/h remains unchanged.

Introducing the SPOFEC Incarnation of the New Rolls-Royce Ghost
Introducing the SPOFEC Incarnation of the New Rolls-Royce Ghost

The company developed a stainless sport exhaust with actively controlled exhaust flaps to allow the driver to choose either a discreet or a very powerful exhaust note by remote control.

Introducing the SPOFEC Incarnation of the New Rolls-Royce Ghost

The SPOFEC incarnation of the Rolls-Royce Ghost features aerodynamically efficient bodywork components that are produced from lightweight yet high-strength carbon. The new front fascia includes large air intakes. The new aerodynamic-enhancement component optionally also comes with LED position markers and transitions to the likewise new front fenders. These fenders feature a distinctive air outlet behind the wheel arch on either side. The SPOFEC rocker panels come in tailor-made versions for the Ghost models with a short or long wheelbase. The rear side of the car features a new rear fascia and spoiler lip.

The SPOFEC CAN-Tronic suspension module is calibrated to work with the 22-inch tires. At speeds up to 140 km/h, the new programming of the Ghost’s air suspension lowers the vehicle by about 40 millimeters compared to the production car. At higher speeds, the vehicle body automatically reverts to the standard level.


The company can also customize the interior to match the personal wishes of the particular vehicle owner.

Article Source: Lux Expose