Interview With Gian Paolo Venier, Interior Designer Of Crete’s Super Luxury CAYO Exclusive Resort And Spa

CAYO Exclusive Resort and Spa, which is situated in Elounda on the beautiful Greek island of Crete, is a new, modern, ecologically sensitive, luxurious resort born out of passionate love in the art of travelling.

The luxury resort’s innovative interiors are the brainchild of Gian Paolo Venier, the highly respected Milanese interior designer. Inspired by the natural and cultural landscape, Venier designed CAYO with the environment in mind, combining elements of local history and craftsmanship with modern furnishings and a cool, neutral colour palette to ensure the hotel blends seamlessly into the surrounding nature.

We sat down with Venier to explore the inspiration behind CAYO and to seek his knowledge and advice for keen designers.

What were your first thoughts when you were presented with the concept of CAYO? 

I was excited. The location is astonishing, and the brief I was presented with was both stimulating and challenging – not only was it a huge project, almost all the rooms are different. The architecture balanced perfectly with the landscape following a simple, timeless approach. I saw the project as a blank canvas, and couldn’t wait to create its own unique personality.

The cherry on top of the cake for me was Cayo’s location, my beloved country of Greece, where I have spent a lot of time over the years and become increasingly familiar with its islands. I am in love with the people, lifestyle, landscape, colours, and Meltemi (the Greek wind)! It is one of the places I feel happiest and truly at home.

The project began in Paris, I met with the owners for lunch, and they introduced me to CAYO. We clicked right from the offset and soon become friends, then accomplices.

Article Source: Luxury Lifestyle Magazine