Here’s What’s Hidden Away In This Colourful Corner Of Covent Garden

Tucked away down a tiny side street in Seven Dials is Neal’s Yard, one of London’s prettiest streets. It’s easy to miss, but it would be unfortunate if you did. Inside this little enclave, you can get everything from pizza to pedicures… and every business is committed to sustainable and ethical commercial practices. 

Photo: @jvprinz
Photo: @jvprinz

Not too long ago, Neal’s Yard was used as a waste area filled with bins. So, instead of people capturing that perfect Instagram shot, you’d probably find rats. Luckily, before it was demolished, a bloke called Nicholas Saunders used his entrepreneurial skills to save the space and create the buzzing, colourful corner that it is today.

Neal's Yard
Photo: @sislifestyletrips

It all started with Saunders’ very own whole food store, but everyone initially thought he was mad – Neal’s Yard wasn’t even on the map! Anyway, long story short, the whole thing ended up being a huge success, and soon there wasn’t a single empty building in the yard.

Article Source: Secret London