Herds Of Life-Sized Elephant Sculptures Are Popping Up Around London For A Good Cause

It’s hard to overlook them, and you may have wondered what on earth they are doing here in central London: That’s precisely what the creators behind the environmental art exhibition “CoExistence” wanted us to ponder when they installed herds of life-sized elephant sculptures all over the city. They’re incredible to look at, but are not just there for our viewing pleasure — they’re meant to share an important message, encouraging us to live peacefully alongside animals on a planet that’s continuously losing space.

In the past, we’ve seen small numbers of bronze elephants take up residence in Spitalfields, but these life-sized herds are a bit more eye-catching. The artwork project is brought to us by the wildlife conservation charity Elephant Family, in partnership with The Real Elephant Collective, and aims to bring awareness to the challenges our wildlife faces on a crowded planet being ruled by humans. Elephant Family works to create landscapes that allow all species to live peacefully together, which is what the exhibition is all about.

According to the charity project’s website, “CoExistence marks a unique moment in time when a global reduction in human activity is having a positive effect on wildlife around the world. Brought about by tragic circumstances, this ‘great pause’ – coined the ‘anthropause’ – is helping guide us on how to best share space with animals on our crowded planet. The elephants are here to tell their story about the inspiring ways we can coexist with all the other living beings that make our world magical – from tigers and orangutans to nightingales and elephants.”

Article Source: Secret London