First Luxury Voyage Since Pandemic Lockdown Sets Sail in Norway

SeaDream Yacht Club is the first luxury cruise line in the world to resume operations since March 2020 when the coronavirus outbreak shut down the cruise industry worldwide.

The small-ship company had originally planned to sail in Norway with only one ship, SeaDream I, for nine voyages, but after its first voyages began to rapidly sell out, SeaDream made the decision to add SeaDream II to double capacity in order to meet the overwhelming demand from eager cruise passengers.

Norway currently allows travel from Nordic countries on the condition that infections there remain low, including Denmark, Iceland, Finland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland, but the country will announce on 20 July whether it will also welcome visitors from other EU countries.

SeaDream’s 112-passenger superyachts benefit from their small size, able to quickly adapt their itineraries to comply with government regulations and can visit exclusive destinations that other cruise ships cannot due to their size. Additionally, the pause in operations gave crew the opportunity to improve their skills, rejuvenate the yachts, and completed WHO’s official Covid-19 course for hygiene procedures and infection management.