Designing a Backyard for Entertaining

If you’re blessed with a backyard space, maximizing its potential can do wonders for your social life. That’s especially true these days, when people are feeling more comfortable in the open air rather than in close quarters indoors.

Designing the area takes some know-how, which is exactly why we turned to the design pros for their top tips.

Know How You’ll Use the Space

“Do you have many family celebrations with children and pets running around, or is this an adult space for cocktails and conversation? Do you want to cook outside or have enough seating and surfaces to serve small bites? Multiple zones geared to specific activities help drive the flow of outdoor spaces; creating zones for cooking, dining and lounging.

“Natural stone is timeless and lasts forever. It feels authentic to the outdoors and also comes in a wide variety of options. If you have a pool and children running about, you have to be extra mindful of slippage and select a material that has a subtle texture to avoid skinned knees and stubbed toes. But always maintain enough grass, plantings and trees to ensure you feel like the backyard is part of mother nature and not a concrete jungle. Limestone is terrific as it doesn’t keep a lot of the solar heat, so no burned feet. It also comes in many shades and tones.

“Always keep the main paths of egress free and clear. Getting in and out of the house needs to be effortless and unobstructed. I also love symmetry and balance and tend to create spaces that have a similar footprint. One side can house the outdoor kitchen and dining, while the other side lounging, resting and reading. Always design for the space’s size; it’s essential to have flow and freedom.

“Have various kinds of seating to accommodate different uses. A mix of sofas, club and lounge chairs, and pool lounges with umbrellas and plenty of side tables so everyone can put a small plate, drink or book down with ease. Mixed materials like teak, outdoor-graded metal and synthetic woven pieces are long-lasting. We tend to stay away from glass, even if it is tempered because it only takes one quick moment for a mishap. We also love high-end melamine plates and glassware for safe outdoor use for casual meals.”

Article Source: Mansion Global