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Bugatti Fine-Tunes Few-Off Centodieci Hyper Sports Car

Bugatti‘s Centodieci hyper sports car has successfully completed wind tunnel tests to check the airflow on and around the vehicle at a variety of speeds and control the high-performance system’s brake cooling. The wind tunnel envelops the elegant bodywork at up to 300 km/h before slipping off at the rear. A 9,300 PS engine drives an eight-meter […]

Introducing the SPOFEC Incarnation of the New Rolls-Royce Ghost

The designers and technicians of SPOFEC refined the new Ghost – the sportiest Rolls-Royce sedan ever – with even sportier features including carbon bodywork components, the forged wheels with a diameter of 22 inches developed together with US rim manufacturer Vossen and the suspension module that lowers the ride height of the car by about 40 millimeters. The NOVITEC GROUP company […]

937-HP Aston Martin Valhalla Hybrid Supercar Is a Reality Now

Aston Martin Valhalla hybrid supercar is brought to production reality. The driver-focused mid-engined vehicle will set best-in-class standards for performance, dynamics, and driving pleasure. It is developed with chassis, aerodynamic, and electronics expertise forged in Formula One®. Aston Martin Valhalla hybrid supercar is fitted with a mid-engined 950bhp gasoline/battery electric powertrain, new carbon fibre structure and aerodynamics developed […]

Michael Atkinson Takes A Look At Aston Martin’s Journey To Global Luxury Sportscar Marque

In one of the most hotly anticipated stock market listings, historical British luxury sportscar marque, Aston Martin, floated in October 2018 at £19 per share. Less than two years later, the company’s share price had plummeted more than 90 per cent, there was a management shake-up and the business had to seek significant additional equity and […]

Sophisticated Luxury: The New Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Around 60,000 examples of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class have been delivered worldwide since its launch in 2015. The main sales markets in recent years have been China, Russia, South Korea, the USA and Germany. The new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is set to continue this success story. A classic three-box saloon, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class features the distinctive hood with a […]