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London Is Emerging as the Destination of Choice for Affluent Hong Kongers

Hong Kong’s uncertain political future has led to a wave of departures over the past 18 months, with cities from Los Angeles to Vancouver seeing an increase in demand for residential property from residents of the city. But as the pace of Hong Kong emigration accelerates, London is emerging as a clear favorite destination, especially […]

Here’s A Peek At The Swish New Shopping Centre Opening Inside Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station’s Turbine Halls once powered the homes and businesses of London, but soon, they’ll be powering something quite different: the economy. Plans are underway to transform the cavernous halls into a brand new retail experience, and the first images of the Battersea Power Station shopping centre have got us keen to visit. The […]

Richest 1% have almost a quarter of UK wealth, study claims

Almost a quarter of all household wealth in the UK is held by the richest 1% of the population, according to alarming new research that reveals a historic underestimation of inequality in the country. The study found that the top 1% had almost £800bn more wealth than suggested by official statistics, meaning that inequality has […]

Home Sales Can Proceed Amid Heightened Lockdown in England

British real estate agents remained hopeful that robust housing demand will continue despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement Monday night that England would enter the most extreme lockdown measures since Covid-19 first gripped the U.K. last spring.  “The latest news of another national lockdown should do little to slow the momentum of the U.K. property […]

U.K. Mortgage Approvals Hit 10-Year Record

The number of would-be homebuyers across the U.K. being approved for mortgages reached a more than 10-year high in October, underlining the continuing and unanticipated strength of the nation’s real estate market amid the coronavirus pandemic. There were 97,500 mortgages given the go-ahead last month, the most recorded since September 2007, according to data released […]

U.K. Housing Continues to Roar, But Uncertainty Clouds 2021

U.K. housing activity is headed for a strong end to 2020, as agents nationwide reported more house hunters and sellers in the market in October, according to a survey published on Thursday. The vast majority of survey respondents, which included 466 real estate agency and appraisal offices, in the U.K. reported more inquiries and to […]

Oil Stocks Are Booming After Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Announcement.

Oil prices soared 9% on Monday as positive vaccine data released by Pfizer increases the chance that the economy will rebound sharply next year. Pfizer said on Monday that its vaccine developed with BioNTech has been 90% effective, although the full data set isn’t in and the information hasn’t been peer-reviewed. Major indexes were surging too, with S&P 500 futures up […]