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Louis Vuitton Artycapucines Collection

Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes’ Capucines bag is inspired by her vibrant and hypnotic paintings. The art piece features eighteen different types of leather, further enhanced by gold leaf detailing, and the playful touch of a gel peace sign. The Artycapucines from Liu Wei demonstrates his interest in geometric architectural forms, such as those found in his […]

The Grand Hotel et de Milan Takes Guests Through 150 Years of Its History

The best hotel in the Italian capital, The Grand Hotel et de Milan reopened its doors and marks the occasion with a special offer. Guests staying in one of the suites dedicated to the hotel’s legendary guests ranging from Verdi to Hemingway, Maria Callas to Vittoria De Sica, can enjoy a personal tour of the special rooms […]

The $185 luxury face mask from Belgium

As mask-wearing becomes part of everyday defences against the coronavirus, Belgian designers are turning medical masks into chic accessories. Brussels-based stylist Aude De Wolf has created a “scarf mask” that uses linen, cashmere and other high-quality materials to combine masks with luxurious shawls. “I was inspired by my mother because she doesn’t like her neck,” […]