Canada-Based Designer on Making the Home a Sanctuary

Based in Toronto,  Lori Morris  has been helping high-net-worth individuals improve and outfit their spaces since 1987. Her firm, Lori Morris Design, works on projects throughout North America—including San Francisco, Florida, Texas, New York and all across Canada—often using a style she’s coined—“Sexy French.”

Ms. Morris connects clients to craftsmen and artisans from all over the world in order to provide truly intricate moldings, artful flooring, and walls that take advantage of some of the most exotic and rare marbles on the market.

We caught up with Ms. Morris to discuss what high-net-worth owners want now, which trends are likely to stick around post-Covid and more.

Wellness centers, spas and outdoor spaces are more important than ever. Now they’ve upped the ante to include things like pilates reformers, manicure and pedicure stations. Everything that people need and want is all in one place.

Bowling alleys and squash courts are popular, too.

People are buying the house next door to expand, or creating coach houses to create a full-on private dining experience at home. In Canada, where the lockdowns have been very serious, people want to be able to do everything they usually do, but from home.

Everyone’s had an emotional experience both positive and negative. People are more interested in making their home a sanctuary.

Article Source: Mansion Global