Black Badge Ghost Is the Purest Black Badge Car in Rolls-Royce’s History

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars debuted Black Badge – its highly successful alter ego – with Wraith and Ghost in 2016, Dawn in 2017 then Cullinan in 2019. Now, a new, Post Opulent expression of Black Badge joins the family. Black Badge Ghost is the most technologically advanced Black Badge motor car yet.

The new Ghost was created to met demand of a group of clients who celebrate minimalism and wanted a Rolls-Royce to be agile, discreet, highly connected and free of any unneeded design. This motor car started a new design conversation – Post Opulence. However, some clients within this group wanted to own a disruptive expression of Ghost by permanently cloaking it in black. Black Badge Ghost reflects these clients’ desires and becomes the dark side of Post Opulence.

To create the darkest black, 100lbs (45kg) of paint is atomized and applied to an electrostatically charged body in white before being oven dried. After that, two layers of clear coat are applied before being hand-polished by a team of four craftsman. At between three and five hours in duration, this operation results in creation of an intensity simply unattainable elsewhere in the automotive industry. It is this depth of darkness that serves as the perfect canvas for clients to add a high-contrast, hand-painted Coachline, which has done much to create the Black Badge ‘black and neon’ aesthetic.

Article Source: Lux Expose