Berd Vay’e Debuted a Chess Themed Horological Art Collection

The New York-based artisans Berd Vay’e, famous for including rare components of vintage watches in one-of-a-kind Lucite® sculptures, debuted a new chess-themed horological art collection – Checkmate. The six-piece series features the Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen of Parts (Queen), and the largest and most difficult to create at 18 inches tall, the Grand Master (King). Showcasing the art and complexity of watchmaking through the royal chess court, Berd Vay’e’s Checkmate collection will attract the attention of watch enthusiasts, art, and décor fans alike, appreciators of all-things-vintage, and chess fans.
Berd Vay’e founders, Eddie Kurayev and Albert Akbashev’s developed an interest for chess at a young age while growing up in the former Soviet Union. Their love for the game grew together with their passion for horology. The Checkmate collection aims to bring together the complexities and strategies found behind both chess and the art of watchmaking. As a watch craftsman must skillfully position a complex series of components to create a powerful mechanical movement, a chess player must creatively take control and overpower their opponent with knowledge, strategic planning, and calculated timing.Each piece is individually numbered and feature accompanying gloves and a Certificate of Authenticity bearing the sculpture’s serial number. Limited to 999 pieces each, the sculptures are individually sold ranging from $7,500 – $10,800.

Article Source: Lux Expose