Bentley Home Introduces New Styles for 2021

Bentley Motors and Bentley Home unveiled the 2021 Collection of furniture designs. The Aldford Table, the Ramsey Sofa and Loveseat and the Styal Desk, feature a unique lacquered finish and an exciting new fabric produced from marble powder.

Strong lines and timeless shapes characterize the new furniture designs by Carlo Colombo in close collaboration with Bentley Design, and introduce Bentley Home’s new Degradé lacquering and new MARM \ MORE® marble powder fabric. Degradé involves a complex process to achieve the high standards required by Bentley Home’s customers. MARM \ MORE® is an innovative, ethical new fabric making its debut in the furniture world, developed and patented for Bentley Home. It uses genuine dust that is a bi-product of marble production.

The new Styal Desk features a succession of graceful curves that run the length of the 3 metre wooden frame, covered in a choice of leather or veneer, with the sideboard positioned for balanced proportion. The desktop is punctuated with a gun metal grey insert. The desk features four elements, subdivided by a metal profile, which can be covered in either leather or veneer.

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The structure and top are available in Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore, Smoked Liquidambar or Burr Walnut root, with a glossy, brushed finishing. Alternatively, a leather-covered top can be chosen. Finished in wood with metallic finishing in gun metal grey. Degradé lacquering effect is also brought in to finish the wood options.

Aldford Table, Ramsey Sofa and Loveseat, Styal Desk by Bentley Home

The new Aldford Table is available either in rectangular or circular versions. Legs taper up from the floor and meet under the top in a single form. The design is enhanced by the three layers that make up the tabletop: the underside is lacquered in glossy black, and a metal profile runs around the perimeter.

Three finishes for the legs are Burr Walnut, Smoked Liquid Ambar, or leather-covered. The top is available in Calacatta or Valentine Grey marble, or glossy Burr Walnut, Smoked Liquid Amber or Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore. Degradé lacquering is applied to all wood finishes.

Aldford Table, Ramsey Sofa and Loveseat, Styal Desk by Bentley Home

The seat of the Ramsey range is suspended off the floor, and its tapered shell flows into armrests that reach upwards like outstretched wings. A gun metal grey insert frames the profile, reaching down below the seat.

The Ramsey Loveseat is the first loveseat created by Bentley Home.

Both the sofa and loveseat are available in a choice of coverings: Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore, Smoked Liquidambar, Burr Walnut root, or alternatively, covered in leather or the marble powder fabric. Degradé lacquering is also applied to the wood finishes.

Article Source: Lux Expose