An Epic, Hi-Tech House Of Games Will Open In London This Summer

In the pursuit of lightly alcohol-fuelled fun, Londoners have taken to bowlingcrazy golf, fancy dartsshuffleboard, video games and more. But there’s never been a place in town to unite them all under one roof, until the arrival of Gravity. Hitting the capital this summer, this three-storey space is billed as “a huge competitive socialising mega site”, which sounds right up our alley. And not only will it have all the aforementioned challenges, it’ll also be home to a multi-level electric go-kart track that’ll let you do battle with friends and low-key foes alike.


Debenhams’ loss is Gravity’s gain, as the game palace will take over the old department store site in Wandsworth. With a cavernous multi-level space to play with, the team at Gravity decided that, rather than picking and choosing their favourite games, they’d simply just have ’em all. And we’re not talking dartboards hidden away in corners or dusty shuffleboards either, as the eight separate gaming options all kick things up a notch.

For instance, their bowling alley – G-Bowl – is a fourteen-lane effort that boasts augmented reality and hi-tech features to elevate your game to the next level. Meanwhile, Gravity’s digital darts zone will also have fancy bells and whistles to keep track of the score, and AR Shuffleboard brings an entirely new dimension to the increasingly-popular game. You can hit up classic arcade games at Funbox Arcade, see the sights of New York on the course at Urban Street Golf, enjoy console-based gaming at the E-Sports Gaming Arena, or join an immersive adventure in the Electric Gamebox.


Keen-eyed readers will spot that that’s only seven games – yes, we went right ahead and saved the best until last. The highlight of Gravity is almost guaranteed to be Gravity GT, an electric go-karting experience with a track that winds around the venue. It’s the UK’s first multi-level electric go-kart track, and you and the squad will be able to race around all three floors on this fast-paced route – a true test of abilities to determine who’s a racing genius, and who needs to stick to Mario Kart.

Amongst the whizzing of karts and pumping of the music, you’ll also find three bars to enjoy. Punters can catch games at the venue’s sports bar, tuck into noodles at a Japanese street bar and kitchen, or chill at NYC loft-inspired cocktail bar Newton’s. Whether for family adventures or squad nights out, Gravity looks poised to offer something for everyone (probably a good thing since the venue can hold 1000 people at full capacity). It’s set to arrive this summer, and we’ll keep you updated with an exact opening date so that all the competitive types can be first through the door.

Article Source: Secret London