A Truly Giant Italian Food Hall Will Open In London This April

The world’s largest Italian food market and “bigger is better” advocates Eataly are confirmed to be opening their first UK location right here in London – and after nearly three years of anticipation, it’s been revealed that the massive food hall will open next week, on April 29. Founded in Italy, the chain has swept the States with stores in New YorkLA and Chicago, while also expanding worldwide with halls in Moscow, Tokyo, and Munich. It’s a wonder it’s taken them so long to get to London, actually.

We’re talking pasta, cured meats, fabulous cheeses, olive oils, sauces, plus panettone, coffee, ciabatta, ravioli, gelato – and everything else you might need to cook up a tempesta at home. Eataly London has been in the works for almost three years, and despite the pandemic, is finally ready to be revealed to the adoring public.

Under the terms of England’s roadmap out of lockdown, however, not everything will open at the same time. First to arrive, on that April 29 grand opening, is the market and retail space, along with takeaway eateries and their fancy outdoor dining space, La Terrazza di Eataly, home to Italian sharing dishes and an Aperol Spritzeria, which is exactly what it sounds like. Bookings for that one are open now. Once Step 3 of the government roadmap begins, indoor restaurants and Eataly’s cookery school will open, expected to be on May 20.

Artist's impression of the Aperol terrace at Eataly

Eataly is stuffed, calzone-like, full of temptations. Over 5000 Italian and local food products will be found here, with cured meat, cheese counters, and Via del Dolce (the Sweet Spot), which will serve fresh-baked Italian cakes, pastries, cannolis, and handmade gelato. You can also expect a pretty serious wine collection. In fact, Eataly is expected to field some 2000 wines, making it the largest Italian wine collection in London.

The takeaway restaurants include Pizza all Pala, which serves Roman-style pizza, Pasta Fresca Bar (fresh pasta), and Mada In Eataly, which offers a winsome mix of paninis, focaccia, salads, and other classic meals. The Gran Caffe illy will serve coffee to fuel your wanders around the market, and these hallowed halls of deliciousness will also house a bulk refill section: the first Eataly packaging-free area in the world.

For those of you who are kitchen-averse, worry not – you’ll be able to take cooking classes in their kitchen workshops come May, and three sit-down restaurants are also part of the bargain. Cucina del Mercato and Pasta a Pizza will launch on May 20, with the third, a fine dining spot called Terra, expected to arrive in September.

Artist's impressions of indoor dining space at Eataly

The London outpost is a whopping 42,000 square feet and can be found on Broadgate, a stone’s throw away from Liverpool Street station, and currently London’s largest pedestrianised neighbourhood. That’s room for a lot of pasta (but still probably not enough for us, TBH)! Eataly will finally make its debut to the public next week, so you’ll be stuffing your face before you know it!

Article Source: Secret London