A New Era: Sustainable Supersonic Flight

The new Aerion AS2 Supersonic Business Jet just might be the future of sustainable, supersonic aviation if all goes as planned, according to Aerion CEO Tom Vice. After recently introducing the aeroplane’s final design last July, the 45.2m-long jet has already begun wind tunnel testing, and, with manufacturing set to begin in 2023 and initial fights in 2025, it seems like a new era of eco-luxury flying is soon on the horizon. To mark the finalisation of the flight design, Centurion Magazine caught up with Aerion’s CEO to talk about what this announcement means for aviation and how you can sign up for your flight now.

TV: I appreciate the question, because in redefining speed we are determined to also look forward in elite luxury through a new design – one focused on sustainability, with the addition of an interior customised around the needs of each of our owners. We want to make sure that the designs and the materials that we use are not only of the highest craftsmanship but also sustainable.

Aerion is really a brand in private aviation. Another thing that we believe is important for customers is a far better dining experience – a real dining experience, with wine stored like in a fine dining restaurant. We are also working on a cabin that is very quiet, with a [reduced] noise level so you can watch a video with your family or have a conference with your colleagues. It should feel as if you are in your private household. We also need to ensure that the quality of the air is the highest/cleanest possible.

Furthermore, we [must] talk about high connectivity.

Article Source: Centurion Magazine