A ‘Mini-Heatwave’ Is Coming To The UK Next Week

As beer gardens reopened their doors this week for the first time since December, Brits have been forced to wrap up warm and brave the cold. While filling up on multiple pints of Guinness might be one way to keep your blood from freezing over, we’re sure everyone would appreciate the weather doing us a solid at some point.

And that moment, friends, is arriving next week. A “mini-heatwave” is due to hit the UK next week, which is sure to have pub-goers punching the air in delight. It might not quite hit the heights of the year’s first heatwave a few weeks back, which saw highs of 25-degrees, but it’s a start!

By the end of next week, the met office has predicted temperatures slightly higher than average for mid-April, with beer gardens set to be blessed with a whopping 17-degrees next Friday. Just the thought of basking in the sun with a pint in hand still feels too good to be real at this point. And, it gets better, because Saturday and Sunday are predicted to be blessed by 19-degrees and sunshine. Remember to bring those shades to the pub, people!

Article Source: Secret London