A Magical New Drinking And Dining Hub Will Open In Shoreditch This Summer

For five years, Shoreditch foodies and Thursday night funseekers made their way to Dinerama, where both street food and the vibes were excellent. Sadly, Dinerama is no more – a victim of rising rents and lost revenue during the pandemic – but a new outfit is stepping in to resurrect the spirit of fun, and once again turn an old truck yard into a top hangout. It’s called LaLaLand, and whilst you won’t find stirring melodies or awards season mishaps here, they’re promising to continue the legacy of feasting and drinking on the old Dinerama site.

LaLaLand is billed as “a multi-level street food market experience opening in summer 2021” – and that’s about all we know for now. Seriously, the website is rather light on details, but from the artist’s impression of the space, we can infer that LaLaLand will feature palm trees, sparkling water features, and a healthy splash of Tinseltown glamour.

Street food and cocktails – the usual suspects for any outdoor food and drink venue – are likely to be the star attractions here, but no vendors have been named yet. One hopes that the twin cocktail jewels of Dinerama (Dick’s Magic Tiki Bar and German Sex Dungeon) return, although I can foresee a few problems in getting one of those to blend into the theme… Anytime, summer 2021 is virtually upon us, so fingers crossed we won’t have too long to wait until all is revealed!

Article Source: Secret London