A $35 Million Castle With a Moat Hits the Market in Woodstock, Connecticut

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, luxury buyers have abandoned small spaces in favor of sprawling compounds and privacy, and can now follow that inclination to the hilt with a full-blown castle up for sale in Woodstock, Connecticut. 
The eye-popping nine-bedroom property, asking $35 million, sits on 75 acres (including a 30-acre pond), and comes complete with turrets, towers, a drawbridge and a moat, as well as a traditional stone courtyard.
The property was previously listed for $45 million in 2014, with the asking price eventually reduced to $32 million before being removed from the market in 2016.
The interior architecture and design match the fanciful old world exteriors, with arched wooden period doorways, intricate patterned tiles, ornate stonework and hardwood floors, stained glass, 12 fireplaces, royal crests and even a fresco on the ceiling of the large bespoke kitchen.
The castle is owned by Christoper Mark, the great-grandson of a Chicago steel tycoon, according to records with PropertyShark. 
Mr. Mark, who couldn’t immediately be reached for comment, reportedly began construction on the castle in 2003, completing work in 2010. 
“There are many interior and exterior doors, fireplace mantles, stained-glass windows and other items that were imported from Europe,” Mr. Pizzi said. They were “purchased from antique centers and dealers who specialize in saving and selling building materials with unique craftsmanship.”
Though the design is meant to conjure up centuries-old European castles, the listing notes that the property is also outfitted with crucial modern touches including central air and radiant heat floors.
Not to be confused with the more well-known Woodstock in New York, Woodstock, Connecticut is a pastoral enclave that was once a farming community, and is now more known for easy access to outdoor activities, wineries, and orchards.

Article Source: Mansion Global